How to Connect Hi-Fi MH2001 Wireless Earphones to a TV

by Greyson Ferguson
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The Hi-Fi MH2001 is a wireless headphone set that connects to any device with RCA audio outputs, including televisions. Although the headphones do not connect directly to a TV, they come with a wireless transmitter that connects to the output connection, allowing you to listen to the TV without disturbing those around you.

Step 1

Plug the wireless transmitter into the red and white RCA audio ports on the television. The wireless transmitter comes packaged with the wireless headphones.

Step 2

Power on the Hi-Fi MH2001 wireless earphones and the TV.

Step 3

Hold the earphones near the wireless transmitter to establish a connection between the two.

Place the headphones on your ears and adjust the volume with the side volume control. Set the TV on mute if you want to silence its speakers while the headphones are in use.


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