How to Connect a Channel Master Model 9510 Antenna

By Cameron Easey

Antennas can be rotated with the Channel Master 9510.
i antenna 2 image by Vita Vanaga from

If you have a Channel Master model 9510 drive unit it can be installed to rotate your existing television antenna. The Channel Master 9510 is a rotor that turns an antenna to adjust the television signal for the best reception. Connecting the rotor is the process of wiring the base unit and the control unit to adjust the antenna from inside the house. You can connect a Channel Master model 9510 by first mounting the unit to the roof.

Attach the coaxial cable for transmission line to the antenna. Screw the end of the coaxial cable to the connector on the antenna by hand.

Find and remove the screw that is used to secure the access plate on the rotor drive unit with the screwdriver.

Loosen the screw terminals in the drive unit housing.

Remove ½ to ¾ of an inch of insulation from each of the conductor wires with a wire stripper. There will be three of these wires in the rotor wire. Twist each of the wire conductors so there are no loose strands of wire.

Connect the "reference" wire to terminal No. 1 in the drive unit housing. The reference wire is the one that is bigger or a different color than the other wires.

Connect the second wire to the second terminal and the third wire to the third terminal. Cover the wire connections with wire insulation to protect them from corrosion and rust.

Replace the access plate and secure it to the drive housing.

Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 to connect the rotor wire to the control unit in the house.