How to Connect the Magellan GPS 315 to a PC

By Phil Hoops

The Magellan GPS 315 is a hand-held personal navigation device powered by two AA batteries. The device is designed with hikers and bikers in mind. Using a PC interface cable and the included Magellan DataSend software, you can connect your Magellan GPS 315 to one of your computer's USB ports for transferring data. This is useful if you are looking to add POIs, or points of interest, to your GPS.

Step 1

Insert the Magellan DataSend software installation CD into your computer's optical disc drive. Install the program.

Step 2

Grasp the end of the PC interface cable with the serial connector and firmly plug it into the bottom of the Magellan GPS 315. Plug the other end of the cable, which is a standard-size USB connector, into an available USB port in your computer.

Step 3

Wait as your PC computer installs the necessary drivers for your Magellan GPS. Double-click on the Magellan DataSend icon on your computer's desktop to open the program.

Step 4

Click the "File" tab at the top left portion of your computer screen and click on the option titled "POI selection." Check off up to 10 different categories that you wish to be transferred to your Magellan GPS 315's internal memory. These categories range from restaurants to hotels. Click on the "Apply" tab at the center of the screen to finalize your settings and begin the POI transfer process.

Step 5

Disconnect your Magellan GPS 315 from your computer when the transfer is complete.