How to Connect a Mac Laptop to a Dell Projector

by Jason Taetsch

Dell projectors display the image from your computer's video card on a much larger surface, such as a wall or screen. Despite the differences in the manufacturer, you can connect your Mac to the Dell projector in the same fashion as any other computer. You must purchase an additional DVI to VGA adapter from Apple to utilize the video out features on your Mac laptop.

Step 1

Locate the DVI output port on the side of your Mac laptop's body. Insert the DVI end of the adapter into the output.

Step 2

Insert the VGA cable into the VGA port on the adapter and secure the screws on the end of the cable to ensure the connection does not come loose.

Step 3

Attach the other end of the VGA cable to the VGA port on the Dell projector's input panel.

Step 4

Turn on the projector, and your Mac will automatically detect the connection. Click the "Displays" icon on the menu bar to adjust the settings for the projected image.

Press the "Source" button the projector until the image of the Mac's desktop is displayed by the projector.

Items you will need

  • Apple DVI to VGA adapter
  • VGA cable

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