How to Connect Logitech X-240 3-Piece Speakers

By James Clark

Connect a computer to a Logitech X-240 speaker system with the supplied cables.
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The Logitech X-240 is a three-piece computer speaker system consisting of two stereo speakers, a powered subwoofer and a control center that doubles as an MP3 docking station. Independent volume and bass response knobs offer flexibility in setting sound levels to your personal preference, whether for web browsing, gaming or listening to music and enjoying movies. All speaker cables are attached to the speakers. The control center plugs into the "Line OUT" or headphone jack on a computer or laptop, which can be disconnected in seconds for portability.

Place the two speakers labeled left and right on each side of the computer monitor or laptop, then set the subwoofer on the floor beneath the workspace. Set the control center, which is permanently connected to the subwoofer by a cable, on the desk within easy reach. The cables attached to the speakers can be routed behind the laptop or computer monitor, where they won't get in the way.

Insert the stereo mini-plug connected to the end of the speaker cable into the jack on the back of the subwoofer labeled "Speakers." The cable is already attached to both speakers.

Insert the plug on the green cable from the control center to the "Line OUT" jack on the back of a computer tower or the headphone jack on the edge of a laptop.

Plug the electrical cord on the back of the subwoofer into a power outlet.