How to Connect a LG HDTV to a Stereo

By Daniel Hatter

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To connect your LG HDTV to a stereo sound system, you have to use its stereo audio connection. Unlike high-definition surround sound systems, stereo sound systems use only two audio channels, left and right, so even if your LG HDTV has a high-definition surround sound-capable optical connection, you won't be using it. The stereo audio connection on your LG HDTV is made up of the two RCA ports -- one red and one white -- labeled "Stereo Audio Out" or "Left/Right Audio Out."

Step 1

Insert the red connector on your RCA stereo audio cord into the red "Stereo Audio Out" port on your LG HDTV. Insert the white connector on the cord into the white port on your LG HDTV. It will be right next to the red port.

Step 2

Plug the other ends of the cord into the "Stereo Audio In" connection on the back of your stereo. The connection will look identical to the connection on your LG HDTV except it will be labeled "Audio In" instead of "Audio Out."

Step 3

Turn on your LG HDTV and press the "Menu" button on its remote control. Open the "Picture & sound" sub-menu and select the "Off" option next to the "TV speaker" setting. Turn on your stereo and change its input mode to the stereo audio connection. You will now hear your TV audio through your stereo sound system.