How to Connect a Lexmark Printer in a Wireless Network

By Heather Marlman

Many routers have built-in tracking capabilities.
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Connect your Lexmark printer to a wireless network by using a wireless print server. A wireless print server acts as a bridge between your USB printer and your wireless router to provide access to the Lexmark printer to all members of your wireless network. The use of a wireless print server eliminates the need to connect the printer directly to a single computer on the network

Step 1

Plug the USB cable from your Lexmark printer into the USB port in the back of the wireless print server.

Step 2

Plug an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the back of the wireless print server and connect the other end of the cable to an open port on your wireless network router.

Step 3

Turn on your Lexmark printer and turn on the wireless print server by plugging in the AC adapter.

Step 4

Run the installation disk that was supplied with your wireless print server on one of the computers connected to your network. Follow the instructions provided in the wireless print server packaging to run the installation wizard and connect the wireless print server to the wireless network.

Step 5

Use the installation disk provided with your wireless print server to install necessary print drivers on all of the computers on your network in order for each computer to be able to recognize the wireless print server and the Lexmark printer.