How to Connect a Laptop to a TV for PowerPoint

by Sara Hickman

One of the easiest ways to share a PowerPoint presentation with a large group of people is through an HD television. Most HD television models have the ability to connect to a laptop with a VGA cord. This cord can be purchased at any department or electronic store and simply connects from the laptop to the television. With the cord you can play your PowerPoint presentation from its location on your computer through the television instead of your small laptop screen.

Plug one end of the VGA cord into the side of your laptop in the corresponding port. The location of the VGA pot will vary based on the model laptop you own.

Plug the other end into the VGA port on your television. Make sure it is screwed in tight on both the laptop and television.

Power on your laptop and the television. Tune the television to the VGA or RGB channel. Most remotes will have buttons for this channel. If not, hit the "AUX" button until you find the proper channel.

Launch the PowerPoint presentation on your computer and it will appear on your television.

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