How to Connect an HP Laptop to an All-In-One Epson Printer (3 Steps)

By Daniel Hatter

If you have an Epson all-in-one printer, connecting it to your HP laptop computer is quite simple. All Epson all-in-one printers connect to computers via a printer USB cable, which is just like a normal USB cable on one end but on the other end is slightly different. Many printers come with this cable, but if yours didn't, you can purchase one at any computer/electronics store. Once you have the cable, making the connection is a cinch.

Step 1

Turn on your HP laptop and remove any discs from the disc drive.

Step 2

Insert your Epson printer driver disc and follow the onscreen instructions to install your printer software to your computer. Your printer should not yet be connected to your computer.

Step 3

When prompted, connect one end of the printer USB cable to your printer, the other end to your computer, and then turn on your printer. The Epson software will now detect your printer and complete the installation.