How to Connect the Kinetic KA-6100

by Matt McGew

The Kinetic KA-6100 is a multi-channel surround-sound speaker system. This high-end speaker system features 1000-watts of power, five surround speakers and one subwoofer. When connecting this system, use the high-quality, low-gauge speaker wire included with the speaker system. Don't use shielded cables or other types of speaker wire or you can damage the speakers and your amplifier.


Connect each speaker wire to the input port on the back of the LA-6100 speakers. One end of the speaker wire will contain a 1/4-inch jack that snaps into the input on the back of each speaker.


Strip 1/4 inch off both wires at the other end of the speaker wires using the wire strippers. At the end of each speaker wire, you'll have a copper and a silver wire.


Connect each of the speaker wires to the appropriate speaker port on the amplifier. For example, connect the right-front speaker wire to the right-font speaker input on the amplifier. The copper speaker wire should connect to the "+" input for the speaker on the amplifier. The silver speaker wire should connect to the "-" input for the speaker on the amplifier. Repeat until you've connected all speakers, including the subwoofer to the amplifier.

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