How to Connect to My Kindle

by Spanner Spencer
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Amazon's Kindle e-book reader features a black and white e-ink display. It lets users browse Amazon's online books store and buy and download e-books directly to the device. It also lets you add your own e-books by sending them to the Kindle's unique email address. This process can incur costs if the e-book requires automatic conversion. Adding books directly from the computer via the bundled USB cable is another way to connect to your Kindle.

Step 1

Connect the computer to the Kindle using the USB cable that was bundled with the device.

Step 2

Click the "Start" button and open "My Computer." The Kindle will be recognized as a mass storage device.

Step 3

Click the Kindle volume in "My Computer." Several folders are present inside the Kindle, for music, e-books and audio books.

Drag and drop the files you want to transfer to the Kindle into their relevant folders. Audio books should go in the "audible" folder, music should go in the "music" folder, and e-books in the "documents" folder.


  • Any removed files will be permanently deleted and won't be placed in the computer's recycle bin.


  • You can also remove content from the Kindle by deleting the relevant files from the folders.


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