How to Connect an iPod to WiFi

by Jared Huizenga

Since its release in 2001, Apple's iPod has been at the forefront of the digital music revolution. Over time the iPod has evolved to include more features, including the ability to view photos and videos. With the release of the iPod Touch in 2007, Apple took the iPod to the next level. The iPod Touch has a built-in Wi-Fi connection, which allows you to connect to the Internet while you're in a Wi-Fi hotspot to check e-mail, browse the Web and connect remotely to Apple's iTunes and App stores to download music and additional content to your iPod.

Select "Settings" from the main screen of your iPod Touch.

Click on "Wi-Fi" and then click on "turn on Wi-Fi."

Go back to the settings menu and click on Wi-Fi again.

Wait for your iPod Touch to detect any available Wi-Fi signals.

Enter the password if one is required-for the Wi-Fi network you are connecting to and click on "Join." If you are at a business that offers free Wi-Fi to customers, get the password from an employee. If no password is required to connect, the iPod Touch will connect to the network automatically.


  • check Websites like Wi-Fi FreeSpot offer a listing of restaurants, hotels and other public places that offer free Wi-Fi that you can access with your iPod Touch.

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