How to Connect My iPod to My TV Wirelessly

By Steve Lander

If wireless connections don't work, HDMI is an option.
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The iPod Touch and other devices running the iOS operating system, like the iPad and the iPhone, are designed to play back both audio and video content. While you can connect them to your TV using an adapter and a cable, it's cumbersome. However, if your iPod Touch and your home entertainment system are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can also make them work together over the network.

AirPlay and Apple TV

Connecting a second generation or newer Apple TV to your television set lets it serve as the speakers and monitor for your iPod Touch. To use AirPlay, start the video that you want, and press the AirPlay button on your iPod Touch -- it is a rectangle with a triangle. Select your Apple TV from the menu that pops up and the video will be sent to the Apple TV connected to your television.


Developed by Qualcomm, Skifta is an app that adds support for the Digital Living Network Alliance universal plug-and-play system to your iPod Touch. With Skifta, you can stream video from your iPod to any DLNA/uPNP compatible TV. This functionality is built in to many smart TVs, although you may need to review your owner's manual to find out how to configure it on your particular set.

Wired Connections

Ultimately, if you don't have an Apple TV and can't make DLNA work for you, your best option will be to directly connect your iPod Touch to your TV. For the best signal quality and the simplest connection, use the Apple Digital AV Adapter. It connects to your iPod Touch's dock or Lightning connector and adds a High Definition Multimedia Interface port. You can then connect an HDMI cable between the adapter and an open HDMI port on your TV, and view your iPod Touch's screen.

Remote Controls

Instead of sending content to your television set, you can also use your iPod Touch as a remote control to determine what content your set shows. Many smart TV manufacturers make remote control apps that let your Touch use Wi-Fi signals to control your TV. For these apps to work, you need a compatible TV and it needs to be connected to Wi-Fi. You can also use third-party programs that turn your iOS device into a universal remote.