How to Connect an iPod Touch to the Internet Via Cell Phone

by Aaron Wardell
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Apple's iPod Touch is an excellent alternative to the iPhone for those who don't need the extra functionality of a phone and 3G data. Connecting to the Internet on the iPod Touch while on the road may seem impossible without a local Wi-Fi connection. If you have another smartphone with the ability to tether wirelessly, however, it's not. It may take a few minutes to configure correctly, but it's well worth the effort.

Set Up and Connect Your iPod Touch

Step 1

Using your mobile smartphone, set up a wireless hotspot or enable its wireless tethering feature. If your smartphone does not come with hotspot functionality, download the proper application first.

Step 2

If necessary, choose a name for the hotspot and set a password. Use the application interface to set these options.

Step 3

Open the "Settings" app on the iPod Touch. Choose the Wi-Fi settings and wait for the hotspot to appear. If your iPod Touch is configured to automatically display a list of hotspots, choose it from the pop-up dialog box when it appears.

After choosing the hotspot, open the Safari or Mail app and test the connection.


  • Jailbreaking your iPhone, although not technically illegal, can void your warranty and cause other applications to behave differently.


  • When using GSM technology, like AT&T, make sure you have a solid 3G connection to ensure faster data speeds.
  • To allow Wi-Fi tethering on the iPhone, it must be jailbroken and the proper application downloaded. iOS 4.3, scheduled for release in February 2011, has this feature built-in and may be available on non-jailbroken iPhones for a monthly fee.
  • Compatible smartphones that include Wi-Fi hotspot functionality include the Motorola Droid X, Samsung Epic and HTC EVO. If your phone doesn't natively support it, you may have to download an application first.


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