How to Connect an iPod Nano to a Docking Station

by Nicole Vulcan

The Nano is Apple's most basic iPod model, but it contains many of the features found on the more sophisticated iPod Touch and iPhone models. The seventh-generation iPod Nano was released in 2012, and it comes with a "Lightning" cable, unlike other models that feature a 30-pin connector cable. If you have a docking station with a 30-pin connection, you'll need an adapter to connect it with your Nano.

Step 1

Determine which iPod you have and the type of connector you'll need. Refer to the iPod packaging or the back of the iPod to identify which generation you have.

Step 2

Obtain a docking station with the Lightning cable connection, if you have a Nano that's 7th generation or later. If you already have a docking station with the 30-pin connection, you can purchase a Lightning adapter from Apple. If you have an earlier Nano with the 30-pin connection, you won't need an adapter to connect your older Nano. In any case, plug the dock into a power outlet or make sure it has fully charged batteries, if applicable.

Connect the Lightning port on your seventh-generation Nano to the corresponding port connection on your docking station. If you have a 30-pin dock, plug the Lightning adapter into the port at the bottom of your iPod, and then plug the other end into your 30-pin port connection. If you have an sxith-generation iPod, simply place the 30-pin port at the bottom of your iPod on top of the 30-pin port connection.

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