How to Connect an iPod Nano to a Docking Station

by Nicole Vulcan
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The Nano is Apple's most basic iPod model, but it contains many of the features found on the more sophisticated iPod Touch and iPhone models. The seventh-generation iPod Nano was released in 2012, and it comes with a "Lightning" cable, unlike other models that feature a 30-pin connector cable. If you have a docking station with a 30-pin connection, you'll need an adapter to connect it with your Nano.

Step 1

Determine which iPod you have and the type of connector you'll need. Refer to the iPod packaging or the back of the iPod to identify which generation you have.

Step 2

Obtain a docking station with the Lightning cable connection, if you have a Nano that's 7th generation or later. If you already have a docking station with the 30-pin connection, you can purchase a Lightning adapter from Apple. If you have an earlier Nano with the 30-pin connection, you won't need an adapter to connect your older Nano. In any case, plug the dock into a power outlet or make sure it has fully charged batteries, if applicable.

Connect the Lightning port on your seventh-generation Nano to the corresponding port connection on your docking station. If you have a 30-pin dock, plug the Lightning adapter into the port at the bottom of your iPod, and then plug the other end into your 30-pin port connection. If you have an sxith-generation iPod, simply place the 30-pin port at the bottom of your iPod on top of the 30-pin port connection.


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