How to Connect an Ipod to a Mac

by Contributor

The iPod features a 30GB or 80GB hard drive which offers ample space to store music, videos or games. The ability to upload directly from your Mac makes it easy to get what you want on your iPod and go. All you need to do is connect an iPod to a Mac with iTunes installed. Follow these steps to connect an iPod to a Mac.

Make sure the power of your Mac is on. The Mac needs to be on for an iPod to function with the iTunes program.

Turn on the iPod. To download what you want, the iPod must be on.

Plug the big end of the FireWire cable into the iPod when your Mac has the six-pin FireWire 400 port.

Place your iPod into the iPod Dock Connector when your Mac does not have a FireWire port.

Connect the other end of the FireWire cable to the six-pin FireWire 400 port or the USB 2.0 cable to a high-power USB 2.0 port on your Mac.

Watch the screen on your Mac. When the connection is made, iTunes will automatically appear.


  • check If you are using a portable or laptop Mac with a high-power USB 2.0 cable, plug the Mac in before connecting your iPod.
  • check When you connect your iPod to a Mac using the FireWire 400 port, you cannot charge the iPod directly from the computer.


  • close Make sure when connecting the USB 2.0 cable from the iPod Dock Connector, it is connected to a high-power USB port, which will be located on the computer. If you try to use a low-power USB port, like the ones found on peripherals, the iPod will not work.
  • close Make sure the iPod is fully charged before trying to transfer anything to it from your Mac. Transferring uses power and if the iPod is not fully charged, you may get an incomplete transfer.

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