How to Connect an iPhone to Wired Networks

by Andrew Tennyson
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If you have a wired Internet connection coming into your computer, it makes both practical and financial sense to share this signal with your iPhone so that it too can access your network. However, the iPhone can only connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a cellular wireless connection. To connect your iPhone to your wired network, you need to use a wireless router to rebroadcast your computer's Internet connection.

Step 1

Plug the router's power cord into a power outlet, and then connect the incoming wired Internet cable to the WAN port on the wireless router.

Step 2

Move your mouse to the upper right corner of your computer screen and click the "Settings" gear icon.

Step 3

Click the "Network" icon.

Step 4

Click the name of your wired network and then click "Connect." Open your Web browser and navigate to a website to verify that the router is broadcasting a wireless signal.

Step 5

Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPhone, and then tap "Wi-Fi."

Step 6

Tap the virtual "Wi-Fi" switch to activate your iPhone's Wi-Fi functionality. When Wi-Fi is enabled, the iPhone will display a list of available networks under the Choose A Network heading.

Tap your computer's network on the list of available wireless networks.


  • Information in this article applies to computers running the Windows 8 operating system and iPhones running iOS 6.0 The instructions may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.


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