How to Connect an iPad to a Router

By G.S. Jackson

The iPad connects to wireless routers through its Wi-Fi setting utility.
i Hemera Technologies/ Images

The iPad functions at its best when connected to a wireless network. You must connect to a wireless network through a wireless router using the iPad's Wi-Fi settings. Once connected, not only can you access the network and the Internet, but the router as well. Then, assuming you have the proper credentials, you can manage router and network settings directly from the iPad. You accomplish this by using the iPad Web browser to connect to the router once you have access to the network.

Step 1

Tap the "Settings" icon, then tap "Wi-Fi."

Step 2

Tap the "On/Off" switch next to the "Wi-Fi" entry to toggle it "On," if it is currently off. The Network finder will begin under the "Choose a Network" heading.

Step 3

Choose the network name serviced by the router. Enter the password, if prompted.

Step 4

Access the router's administration panel through your iPad Web browser by entering the Default Gateway IP address of the router. For many router brands, this default IP address is "," but check your manufacturer's documentation to confirm.

Step 5

Enter a username and password, if prompted. Default username/passwords for routers differ, so check your documentation.