How to Connect an iPad

by Spanner Spencer

The iPad is a large-form touchscreen-controlled tablet device designed by Apple. All iPads feature built-in Wi-Fi for Internet connectivity, though some models are also able to connect to the Internet using the 3G cellular data networks. All versions of the iPoad are equipped with Apple's proprietary 30-pin dock connector that lets you connect the device to a computer via its USB cable for synchronization and charging.



Push the flat, 30-pin connector on one end of the USB cable into the narrow, 1-inch wide socket on the bottom of the iPad. If the iPod is laying down with the touchscreen facing upward, the icon on the 30-pin connector should also be facing upward so it is aligned appropriately with the socket.


Connect the USB plug on the other end of the cable into an available USB socket on your computer. This lets you sync the iPad with the iTunes multimedia management software.


Connect the USB plug into the iPad's AC adapter if you only want to charge the iPad rather than synchronize it. All charging is performed through the 30-pin dock connector on the bottom of the iPad. The device charges faster if it is connected to the AC adapter as opposed to a USB socket on your computer.



Tap "Settings" on the iPad home screen.


Tap "Wi-Fi." A list of wireless networks in range will be displayed in the "Choose a Network" section.


Tap a network in the "Choose a Network" section to connect to that network. Enter the security passcode to connect to the network if prompted.

3G Cellular Data


Hold the iPad's "Sleep/Wake" button until the "Slide to power off" switch appears on the screen. Slide the red switch to the right to turn the iPad off.


Insert the SIM card removal tool into the small hole on the upper-left side of the iPad's casing, just above the SIM card tray to slightly eject the SIM card tray. Carefully remove the SIM card tray.


Lay the SIM card for your 3G data contract in the tray and reinsert it into the iPad. Push the tray in fully so it's flush with the iPad's casing.


Hold the "Sleep/Wake" button for two seconds to restart the iPad. The iPad automatically selects the 3G cellular connection whenever Wi-Fi isn't available.


  • check The iPad remembers all Wi-Fi networks it's been connected to and will reconnect automatically to those networks the next time it's in range.
  • check If the 3G SIM card requires activation, sync the iPad with iTunes on your computer. The SIM card will automatically be activated.


  • close Do not force the cable into the dock connector. It will only fit one way. Turn the dock connector over if it won't connect easily and try again.

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