How to Connect a House Phone to a Cable Router

By Jason Taetsch

Connect your house phone to a cable router with a standard phone line.
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Connect your telephone to your cable router if you use a Voice Over Internet, or VoIP, telephone service. VoIP service transmits telephone calls over the Internet instead of phone lines. Normal features of standard phone service such as voice mail, caller ID and call waiting are offered with VoIP service as well as additional features, including video conference capability. Your house phone connects to a cable router in similar method to a standard phone jack or wall outlet. The connection is simple, and your VoIP service will be up and running in no time.

Turn off your cable router and locate the "Input" panel on the rear or side of your router's body.

Insert one end of the phone cable into the "PHONE" port on the router input.

Connect the other end into the port on the phone's base. Return power to the router.