How to Connect a Bose Home Theater to a Pre-Wired Home

By Jack Gorman

Connect your Bose home theater to pre-installed wiring.
i Interior with home movie theater image by Nikolay Okhitin from

Many newer homes come with speakers and speaker wire installed into the wall for the sake of aesthetics: it keeps the speakers invisible. The downside to this feature is it tends to come without instructions--just a few plugs sticking out of the wall. While it may look intimidating, connecting a Bose home theater to a pre-wired home is no harder than setting up a system from scratch.

Locate the speaker connectors for your pre-installed speakers. These will usually be round plugs with plastic tops and set near the floor, where you might find a power plug.

Determine which speaker port goes to which speaker, i.e. Left Rear or Right Front. Usually these will be labeled on the port; if so, skip to Step 4. If not, proceed to Step 3.

Plug in your Bose receiver and turn on the radio portion so that it receives a signal. Connect a speaker wire to the Left Front speaker output on the receiver, and connect the other end to one of the ports in your wall. Turn up the sound, and determine which speaker it is coming from. Repeat for all remaining speakers. Disconnect the speaker wire from the wall.

Connect a speaker wire to your Left Front speaker output on your receiver, and then connect it to the Left Front speaker input port on your wall. Repeat for all remaining speakers. If your home does not include a built-in center speaker, install your center speaker as per your Bose manual.

Connect all other home theater devices (i.e. TV, DVD player) to the Bose receiver so that all audio goes through the pre-wired system.