How to Connect an HDTV Monitor by Ethernet

By Andy Walton

HDMI over IP allows you to connect HD displays to devices in different rooms.
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Connecting an HDTV monitor over Ethernet allows you to view HD video from your computer even if that computer doesn't have an HDMI display output. In addition, by sending HDMI signals over Ethernet you can make your monitor a sharable network resource, enabling all the devices on a network to use it as a display when needed. In order to connect an HDMI display to a computer or network over Ethernet you need a HDMI over IP extender. Extenders act as an interface between an HD display and a network, allowing networked devices to communicate with the display directly.

Step 1

Connect the HDTV monitor to the extender's display port using an HDMI cable.

Step 2

Turn the extender on and plug an Ethernet cable into the device's network port. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable either to your computer or to a network switch.

Step 3

Install the drivers for the extender onto the computer or computers you want to use the HDTV monitor with. Many extenders ship with driver discs in the packaging. Alternatively, check the extender manufacturer's website for driver updates.

Step 4

Check that the extender has been assigned an IP address. As networked devices, HDMI over IP extenders must have a valid IP address so that devices can communicate with them on the network. Extenders generally have either a Web-based setup menu or a separate configuration application. Once in the extender's menu, look for “Network Settings” or a similar option. On most networks, the device will be assigned an IP address automatically. However, if you do not have Dynamic Host Control Protocol running on your network, enter an unused IP into the “IP Address” field, the subnet mask of your network into the “Subnet Mask” field, and the IP of your router into the “Default Gateway” field.

Step 5

Initiate a connection from your computer to the monitor. This is done through the extender's setup menu or software. The HDTV display will mirror your computer's display once a connection is made. If you are sharing the display across a network, note that only one computer will be able to connect to the monitor at once.