How to Connect a Digital Antenna to a HDMI Converter for High Definition

by Jack Gorman

So you have a high definition television and you really don't want to pay for expensive cable or satellite television connections. What you may or may not know is that anyone living near a major city can get free HD channels the old school way: with an antenna. What you also may not know is that it it doesn't take much to get yourself set up for your free channels.

Step 1

Connect your antenna to your the coaxial port on your digital converter. Insert the pin from the coaxial wire into the coaxial input on your digital converter, then secure the wire in place by twisting the end until tight.

Step 2

Connect your coaxial wire to the coaxial output on your digital converter. Connect the opposite end of the wire to the coaxial input on your Coaxial to HDMI converter.

Step 3

Insert one end of your HDMI wire into the HDMI output on your Coaxial to HDMI converter. This will be a long, flat and rectangular port, and labeled "output." Insert the other end into your HDMI input on your television.

Step 4

Plug your converters into a power outlet, and turn them on.

Step 5

Set your television to receive a signal from your HDMI port. You will need your television's remote to do this. Look for a button on your remote labeled something like "Source" or "TV/Video" and search for your HDMI signal. For more information on this, check your television's manual.

Scan for channels on your digital converter. Use the setup function on your remote to do this; check your converter's manual for more information on this.


  • If you have a number of buildings, trees or power-lines nearby that are blocking your area, you may need to install an outdoor antenna to get a better signal. Visit www.antennaweb.org for more information on choosing the best antenna for you. Your antenna choice may also affect your choice of digital converter box; you should determine which antenna you will use before making any other purchases.

Items you will need

  • HDTV Antenna
  • Digital Converter Box
  • Coaxial to HDMI Converter
  • HDMI Cable
  • Coaxial Cable

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