How to Connect an HDMI to an Analog TV

by David Wayne
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If you'd like to use an analog TV to play HDMI video, connect your device and your computer with an HDMI converter box. You won't need to replace your analog TV to watch programs from a DVR or BluRay player. An HDMI-to-analog converter sends a component video signal to a TV, and it accepts the HDMI output from your device. Connecting an HDMI device to an analog TV doesn't require any tools or software installations, and it will allow you to watch digital video on virtually any TV right away.

Step 1

Connect the HDMI output from your device to the input of the converter with an HDMI cable.

Step 2

Connect the red, green and blue analog outputs of the converter to the corresponding inputs of your TV with an RGB component cable.

Step 3

Connect the left and right audio outputs of the HDMI converter to the input of your TV with an RCA cable.

Plug your HDMI converter into an outlet near your TV, and turn on the converter, TV and video source.


  • If your TV has SPDIF input, you can use the SPDIF output from the converter for higher-quality sound. SPDIF connectors use RCA or fiber-optic format for sending audio to a television. The indicator for RCA format looks like a small, circular connector, and the one for fiber-optic format has a rectangular shape.

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