How to Connect Your HD Cable Box to My PC

by Alice Godfrey
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Cable boxes decode an encrypted signal from the cable service provider prior to transmitting a television picture to a display. Connect a monitor switching box to a high-definition cable box so that the TV picture can be watched on a computer monitor. The monitor cable box, which can be acquired from a computer store or electronics shop, will let you switch between the desktop and live television. The process is straightforward and will not negatively affect the computer, monitor or cable box in any way.

Step 1

Turn the high-definition (HD) cable box off. Insert an HDMI cable into a free HDMI socket that is typically on the back panel of the cable box. If there is only one HDMI socket and it is being used, disconnect the end of the HDMI cable from the display device (a TV) that's connected to the cable box.

Step 2

Place the monitor switching box next to the computer monitor, for example, on the desktop that the monitor is residing on. Connect the power cord from the monitor switching box's power supply into the power port on the box. Plug the power cord from the power supply into an outlet.

Step 3

Remove the computer monitor cable's connector from the back or bottom of the computer monitor -- typically the video cable will have a tab on each side to loosen first. Plug the computer monitor cable's connector into the "VGA" input socket on the side of the monitor switching box labeled as "A" or "1," depending on the manufacturer.

Step 4

Insert the free end of the HDMI cable that is connected to the HD cable box into the "HDMI" input socket on the side of the monitor switching box, beneath the section labeled "B" or "2."

Step 5

Plug one end of a computer monitor cable into the "VGA" output on the monitor switching box. Plug the other end into the socket on the computer monitor so that it occupies the same space as the cable that was removed earlier.

Turn the HD cable box on. Press the button or move the slider switch on the monitor switching box (depending on the manufacturer) so that the LED light illuminates the section labeled "B" or "2." Watch the video transmission from the HD cable box on the computer monitor. Press the button or move the slider switch on the monitor switching box to illuminate the LED light at the section labeled "A" or "1" to see the desktop.


  • Depending on the monitor display box, you may need to convert the HDMI cable to VGA with a HDMI-to-VGA adapter.


  • You will need to attach powered speakers


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