How to Connect an FM Antenna

by Nichole Liandi

FM broadcasts are in a relatively high frequency band. This means that the signals broadcast by an FM station are directional in nature and easily blocked by terrain features and buildings. To ensure high-quality sound from your home stereo's FM receiver, connecting a good antenna is important. This doesn't require any special expertise or electronics skill --- it's about as easy to do as putting batteries in a flashlight.

Place your antenna as high and as clear of obstacles as possible. This will give you the best chance at clear reception of your favorite FM stations.

Route the antenna's transmission line from the antenna to the back of your receiver. Choose the most direct path.

Insert the connector on the end of the transmission line into the antenna jack on the back of the receiver. The antenna jack will be marked "FM --- antenna in." Push the connector in as far as it will go, then twist the nut on the end of the connector clockwise to lock the connector on.

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