How to Connect DVD & VCR Combo to a TV

by Eoghan McCloskey ; Updated February 09, 2017

DVD and VCR combos can save time and space in your home entertainment center by merging what are typically two separate devices into one standalone device. Rather than having to take up two separate audio and video connections on your TV, both devices can transmit audio and video data over one connection to the TV.

Connect one end of the RCA cables to the video-output connections on the DVD/VCR combo. Take a moment to make sure that the yellow plug plugs into the yellow port and that the colors of the red and white cables match accordingly.

Attach the other end of the RCA cables to one of the TV's video input connections. Once again, match the color of the plug to the port that it is plugged into. Note which video input on the TV you used (for instance, "Video 1" or "Video 2").

Configure the TV to display the DVD/VCR combo by pressing the input selection button--typically labeled "Input," "Source," or "TV/Video"--until you get to the video input into which you plugged the RCA cables. If you used Video 1, for instance, press the input selection button until you get to Video 1. You are now ready to view the VCR/DVD combo on the television.

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