How to Connect a DSL Filter

By Art Corvelay

DSL sends data through the phone line.
i phone cable and jack image by timur1970 from

DSL is a type of Internet connection that is able to send and receive data using a standard telephone line. However, if you still use a landline to make and receive phone calls, you'll want to first install DSL filters on all of your phone jacks. A DSL filter minimizes any interference between the phone line and the DSL service. Most DSL filters plug directly into the phone jack and have two outputs: one for your phone and one for your DSL modem.

Unplug any devices connected to your phone jack on your wall.

Plug the DSL filter into the phone jack.

Plug the phone into the phone output slot in the DSL filter.

Turn on your phone and make sure you hear a dial tone.

Plug the DSL modem into the modem slot of the DSL filter.

Connect your computer to your DSL modem using an Ethernet cable. Ensure that you can access the Internet. You have now installed a DSL filter.