How to Connect a DirecTV DVR to Wireless Internet

By Benjamin Aries

You can stream Internet content to your TV using a DirecTV kit.
i IT Stock Free/Polka Dot/Getty Images

You can use your home wireless connection to stream shows and movies from the Internet onto your television. In order to add this feature, you must have a wireless DirecTV Cinema Connection Kit, also called a "CCK-W." This kit contains a digital connection device, as well as an extra coaxial cable. Once you hook up the CCK-W box, you can use your DirecTV remote to complete the wireless connection.

Hook Up the Connection Kit

Step 1

Connect the power adapter to the back of the DirecTV CCK-W device. Plug the other end of the adapter into a wall outlet.

Step 2

Locate the DECA device connected to your DVR. This device is a white box with a coaxial cable on both ends. Leave the box connected to the DVR, and disconnect the other coaxial cable from the DECA. If there is no DECA box, disconnect the coaxial cable from the "SATELLITE IN 1" port on your DVR.

Step 3

Connect the loose coaxial cable to the "Towards LNB" port on the CCK-W device. The loose cable is the same one that you previously disconnected from either the DECA box or the DVR.

Step 4

Locate the port marked "SAT Rcvr" on the CCK-W device. Unscrew the cap that covers this coaxial port.

Step 5

Connect one end of a new coaxial cable to the "SAT Rcvr" port on the CCK-W box. Screw the opposite end of the cable to the available port on the DECA device, or to the "SATELLITE IN 1" port on the DVR if no DECA device is present.

Step 6

Confirm that the "Power," "Activity," and "Coax Network" LED lights illuminate on the CCK-W device. Wait for the "Power LED" light to stop blinking before proceeding.

Configure the Wireless Connection

Step 1

Point the DVR remote control at the device, and select "Set Up Now" on the television display. Press "Select."

Step 2

Press the up or down arrow keys on the remote to move through the list of wireless networks. Highlight the network that you want to use, and press "Select." Press the arrow keys until you highlight "Continue," and then press "Select" again.

Step 3

Enter the security key for your wireless network, if needed. Use the remote control number buttons to type the key. Highlight the "Continue" option, and press "Select" on the remote.

Step 4

Highlight "Connect Now" and press "Select" on the remote. Review the details of the wireless network. Highlight "Continue" and press the "Select" button. Choose "Done" and push "Select" to end the setup process.