How to Connect Dell Stereo Speakers to a Dell Inspiron Desktop

by Marie Lowe

Dell is a computer retailer and manufacturer who create desktop, laptop and server systems. Dell desktop systems ship with speakers that can be connected to the computer for playing audio events, such as login sounds, music files and video game audio. Stereo speakers connect to the audio out jack on the back of an Inspiron desktop's tower.

Step 1

Unpackage the speakers if they are currently wrapped and place the speaker labeled "R" to the right of your monitor. Place the speaker labeled "L" to the left of your monitor.

Step 2

Run the power cord from the speakers to a power strip or wall outlet and plug the cord into the socket.

Step 3

Connect the green audio cord to the green port with a speaker symbol on the back of the desktop.

Adjust the dial on the right speaker to turn the volume up. Press the "Power" switch if one is present on the speaker to turn it on.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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