How to Connect My Computer to a TV Using a VGA Cable

By James Clark

VGA ports have 15 pins and are typically blue.
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VGA (video graphics array) is a type of connection commonly used on computers and laptops for hooking up a monitor. The 15-pin VGA plug on each end of the cable connects to the holes in the port for transmitting a video signal. Relatively few TV sets are equipped with a VGA port, so you'll probably need an adapter cable to connect your TV to your computer. The adapter cable has an S-video or composite-video plug on one end for the TV connection.

Step 1

Turn off the TV set.

Step 2

Plug in the VGA cable to the matching port on the back of the computer tower or edge of a laptop. The two bolts on the cable plug turn clockwise to secure the cable to the port.

Step 3

Insert the round plug on the other end into the matching video input on the TV set.

Step 4

Turn on the TV set and push the video selector button on the remote control to connect with the computer through the VGA cable.