How to Connect a Computer to a Mac Address

By Laura Deibel

Many network interface cards or adaptors support changing the MAC address.
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Network Interface Cards (NICs) used in computers are hard-wired with a hardware address called a Media Access Control or MAC address. Routers and other network devices use this address to enable the computer to communicate on a sub-network or network.

At times, you may wish to override the hard-wired address with a different address, an action known as "spoofing" or "masquerading". This strategy can be used to test network configuration or to bypass a router or firewall that filters by MAC address on a network.

Select a correctly formed MAC address to use.

Open the Device Manager.

Highlight the NIC device to change.

Right-lick on it, and select "Properties".

From the "General" tab, push the "Configure" button.

From the "Advanced" tab, select the field that refers to network address, e.g. "Network Address" or "Locally Administered MAC Address."

Change the radio button from "Not Present" to "Value," and type your MAC address into the text box.