How to Connect a Cassette Deck to a USB Port

By James Clark

USB plug on the end of a Universal Serial Bus cable.
i blue usb image by Warren Millar from

Connecting a cassette deck to a Universal Serial Bus, USB, port requires a converter cable that can hook up the RCA-type stereo cables for the tape deck on one end, with a flat, rectangular port for a USB cable on the other. This lets you transfer audio from the tape deck to a computer for storing on the hard drive or burning to a CD.

Install the RCA to USB converter software on the included CD onto your computer. Load the CD in the computer's disk tray and click each button as it appears on the monitor. Restart the computer when the installation is finished.

Push in the two colored plugs on one end of your stereo cable to the white and red PLAY jacks on the cassette deck's rear panel.

Connect the other ends to the two audio jacks on one side of the RCA to USB converter. If the converter has additional jacks, such as composite or S-video, do not connect anything to them. Only the audio jacks are necessary for a tape deck connection.

Connect the RCA to USB converter with a USB cable to a compatible device with a USB port.