How to Connect a Canon Pixma MP600 to a Computer

by Steven Symes

Before your computer will be able to communicate with the Canon Pixma MP600 printer, you need to install the Pixma MP600's software and drivers on the computer. Canon includes a setup CD with the printer, which walks you through the installation process, including detecting the operating system your computer has installed so the software configures the software and drivers to match. The software also installs a user's manual on the computer to help you manage the Pixma MP600.

Turn on the computer and boot the operating system. Do not turn the printer on at this time and do not plug the USB cable into either device.

Place the MP600 setup CD in the computer's optical drive and wait for the installation program to automatically launch. Click the "Easy Install" button when the installation program window opens.

Review the list of applications that the program will install on the computer, then click the "Install" button to continue the process. Read over the license agreement that appears on the screen, then click the "Yes" button to agree.

Follow the on screen instructions to finish installing the MP600 on your computer, which will vary depending on the computer's operating system. Click the "Ok" button when the software asks to restart the computer. Start the operating system again.

Plug the USB cable into the printer and computer when the installation software tells you to. Press the MP600's "Power" button to turn the printer on and wait for the installation software to detect the printer. Follow the instructions on the screen to register the MP600 with Canon. Click the "Exit" button once the program confirms the installation process is complete.

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