How to Connect a Canon 40D to a PC

By Mark Spowart

Use a USB cable to connect your Canon 40D to your home PC.
i camera data transfer image by jimcox40 from

The Canon 40D digital camera was released in 2007, and it replaced the Canon 30D. The new model boasted an increase in resolution to 10.1 megapixels from the 8.2 in the 30D. The 40D also incorporated a faster drive able to capture images at 6.5 frames per second--a significant increase over the 30D. Connecting the Canon 40D to your home PC desktop or laptop is done in much the same way as connecting previous Canon digital single lens reflex cameras.

Turn the power off to the Canon 40D and identify the USB connection port that is located on the side of the camera body. It's on the same side as the exposure mode selection dial.

Open the rubber protective cover, gently prying it off with your fingers. This will reveal the port for the small end of a USB cable. Insert the USB cable into this port and place the camera on your desk or computer table.

Locate an open USB port on your home desktop or laptop computer and insert the larger end of the USB cable into this port.

Turn on your Canon 40D and wait for a moment for your computer to recognize that the camera is attached to the computer. At this point your camera is now connected to your computer and you may download pictures off of the memory card, or upload pictures to the memory card from your computer.