How to Connect a Burner to Windows Media Player

By Damarious Page

CD-R discs are used to burn CDs in WMP.
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Your desktop computer may have multiple optical disc drives. You have the original CD drive for burning CDs. You installed a DVD drive to burn DVD home movies. The PC could have at least two disc drives with drive letter assignments in the Windows operating system. These drives are also detected by Windows Media Player (WMP), which creates confusion when you only want to burn from one disc drive. Microsoft has included a step in the WMP CD burning process to help you choose the desired drive.

Step 1

Open WMP, then click "Switch to Library" button in the top-right corner of the window.

Step 2

Click on the "Burn" tab in the "Player Library," then click the "Burn options" button to show a menu. Select "Audio CD" from the menu.

Step 3

Insert a blank CD disc into the CD drive that you want WMP to connect to for burning. Close the "AutoPlay" box if it opens up after inserting the disc.

Step 4

Click on the CD drive in the "Navigation Pane" to instruct WMP to use it for burning a disc.

Step 5

Drag songs from the "Player Library" in the center pane to the list pane on the right side of WMP. Click the "Start burn" button to begin burning the disc in the selected CD drive.