How to Connect Bose Speakers to an HP Laptop

by Melinda Adams
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Several types of speakers may be connected to an HP laptop, including Bose speakers. Although most laptops now come with built-in speaker systems, you may wish to have louder volume or better sound quality from your computer. External speakers are an easy way to accomplish this. Any speaker system with a 1/8-inch mini plug may be connected to a laptop using the Headphone Out jack. If your speakers don't have a mini plug, you need to use an adapter to make the connection.

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Choose your speaker system. You need powered speakers to get the best sound from your computer. Powered speakers have an on/off switch and require either batteries or AC power. If you don't use powered speakers, the sound will be quiet and tinny. Bose makes a variety of powered speakers for use with laptops.

Step 2

Plug in your speakers. The 1/8-inch mini plug should go into the Headphone Out jack on your laptop. Turn the speakers on, then test the sound from your computer. If your speakers don't have a 1/8-inch mini plug, use an adapter to complete the connection to your computer.

Add an adapter. Stereo adapters are available to connect any kind of speaker to a 1/8-inch mini plug. Identify the type of speaker connection you have, then purchase the appropriate adapter. Plug the speakers into the adapter, then plug the adapter into the Headphone Out jack on your computer. Test the computer for sound.


  • You may need to modify the master volume controls on your computer to hear sound through the speakers. To do this, go to "Start," "Control Panel," "Sounds and Audio Devices."


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