How to Connect a BlackBerry to VPN

by Kelly Reese

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secured network that only authorized people can access with a special password. Many corporate people use a VPN to stay in contact with their work environment when working from home or traveling. The sophisticated operating system of the BlackBerry allows you to create various VPN profiles to connect to different corporate VPN networks by enabling the Wi-Fi services on the BlackBerry. To successfully use this secure service, the corporation you want to connect with must also have a enterprise Wi-Fi network that uses a VPN.


Contact your company's Information Technology (IT) department so they can add you as an authorized user for their VPN network. Keep the secure token the IT department gives you in a safe place.


Enable Wi-Fi by rolling the trackball down to highlight and select the "Manage Connections" icon. Scroll down and place a check in the box next to "Wi-Fi."


Press the back arrow key to save the changes. Roll the trackball up to highlight and select "Options."


Click "VPN" and place a check in the box next to "Enable VPN." Click "Login."


Type the network password given to you by the IT department in the "Password" box. Click "Login."

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