How to Connect Your AT&T U-verse Box to Your Bose Sound System

by Anthony Oster
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Connecting your AT&T U-verse receiver to a Bose surround sound system will transform your television viewing experience into one that mimics that of a true theater. You have several options in connecting your AT&T receiver to your Bose surround sound system, though to maintain high-definition quality you should always choose the highest-quality audio and video connection compatible with your individual components. The highest-quality high-definition audio and video cable is the HDMI cable, followed closely by component video cables. Standard definition options include composite video, S-video and coaxial cable, though these options should be avoided when using equipment such as the AT&T U-verse receiver and a high-end Bose surround sound receiver.

Step 1

Choose your cable type. The AT&T U-verse receiver supports HDMI, Component, Composite and coaxial connections.

Step 2

Insert your audio and video cables into the coordinating slots on your AT&T U-verse receiver. Component and Composite cables are split into several channels, each of which is color-coded to the appropriate wire. Match the corresponding port color to the wire of the same color.

Step 3

Insert your audio and video cables into the "Audio In" or "Video In" ports of your Bose surround sound system. Even though your Bose system may not display video, the video feed may be needed to correctly sync the audio or to transfer the video to your TV.

Insert a second set of video cables into the "Video Out" component of your Bose system and connect it to the "Video In" component of your TV.


  • Use a zip tie to keep your audio and video wires from tangling behind your devices.


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