How to Connect Adobe Photoshop to a Printer

by Contributor

Connecting a printer is not difficult, but it can be frustrating when you are within a program and cannot figure out how to connect to the correct printer. Depending on the quality of output, you might find yourself having to switch from printer to printer within Adobe Photoshop. Once you know where to go, you can easily switch printers.


Connect your printer and install the software that internally connects it to your computer.


Start Adobe Photoshop and let the program run until you are at a blank screen. If you have a specific file to print, click on "File," then "Open," and find the file. If you are simply trying to connect to a printer, open a blank page.


Click on "File," then "Page Setup." This opens a page layout box.


Click on the "Printer ..." button on the bottom right to open a second "Page Setup" box. In the "Name" field, select the printer you want from the drop-down list. Click "OK."


Send a test print to make sure you are connected to the correct printer. If it did not work, go through the process again and make sure the correct printer is highlighted.

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