How to Connect My 8mm Sony Camcorder to My Computer

by Steve Lander
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Sony 8mm camcorders are analog video devices. They lack computer-compatible ports like USB or FireWire, and they record video data on small video cassettes that contain a narrow, 8mm wide, recording tape. You will need a separate video capture device to connect them to your computer. This video capture device converts the analog audio and video to a digital format that your computer can interpret. Because of the relatively low video quality of an 8mm camera, an inexpensive USB-connected capture device should be more than adequate.

Step 1

Install your video capture device on your computer. The procedure will vary depending on your particular device, but you will usually insert its software disc in your computer's optical drive, install the software, then plug the device's USB plug into your computer when the software tells you to do so.

Step 2

Connect the audio/video cable included with your camera between the camera and your capture device. Connect one phono plug to your camera's video output, which might be color-coded in yellow, and connect the other end of that cable to your capture device's yellow video input. Connect the other plug to your camera's audio input and connect its other end to one of the two audio inputs on your capture device.

Step 3

Start the software for your capture device on your computer.

Step 4

Slide your Sony 8mm camera's "Power" switch to the "Player" position. Use the "Rew" or "FF" button to rewind or advance the tape to the section that you want to view on your computer.

Step 5

Start the recording function in your capture software.

Press the "Play" button on your Sony 8mm camera.

Items you will need

  • USB video capture device

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