How to Confirm Your Email Address

by Charlie Gaston
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You must confirm a new email account so the email provider can verify that an unauthorized person has not set up the email account in your name without your permission. With automated systems and hackers stealing the names of people to access already existing email accounts, account confirmation provides account holders with a higher level of security. You must complete the confirmation process to finish the sign-up process. Once you've confirmed your new email address, you can start sending emails.

Step 1

Set-up your new email account per the email provider's instructions. You'll need to select a username and password for the new email account. Check the availability of the username you've selected. Enter and re-enter a password for the account. Enter an alternative email address, which you will use to confirm the email address you've signed up for.

Step 2

Complete the data fields. Enter your first and last name, gender, age or birth year, the city, state, and country where you live and your ZIP code. It may be necessary to enter a cell phone number.

Step 3

Answer security questions and/or print the characters that appear inside a picture box into the security box below.

Step 4

Agree to the terms and conditions of the email provider's website. While agreeing to the terms and conditions of the website finishes the registration process, you still have to confirm the email account.

Access the email account of the alternate address you provided. Click on the confirmation email and follow the instructions. You'll need to cut and paste the confirmation link into an address bar and click "Enter." Enter your email address and password. Sign in to your new email account.


  • You must confirm a new email account.
  • Your confirmation email may expire in 48 to 72 hours.


  • You can sign up for and confirm multiple email addresses; each confirmation must be done individually.

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