How to Configure Wi-Fi on an LG Phone

by Maya Walker

Configuring Wi-Fi on your LG mobile phone can help you lower your cellphone bill. When you use Wi-Fi on your phone, you do not use the phone's cellular data connection to access the Internet. Wi-Fi also generally gives considerably faster data transfers than the cellular data connection does. Depending on the model of your LG mobile phone, the steps to configure Wi-Fi may vary slightly.

Step 1

Press "Home" on the LG phone, then press "Menu" to view the phone's expanded home screen.

Step 2

Touch "Settings," then touch "Wireless and Networks" or "System."

Step 3

Touch "Wi-Fi Settings," then touch the "Wi-Fi" field to turn on the feature. Wait for the phone to scan for an available Wi-Fi connection.

Step 4

Touch your Wi-Fi network, then touch "Connect."

Enter the password for your network if prompted. Press "Home" to exit to the phone's home screen.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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