How to Configure Twain Driver

By Katrina Matterhorn

TWAIN is an applications programming interface, meaning it is based on a software program that enables it to interact with other software applications. It is used to manage communications between software applications and devices such as digital cameras or scanners. TWAIN offers automatic color detection, auto-sized images, infrared pixel type and auto-selection between the feeder and the flatbed. It is supported on various operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

Log in to the PC with a personal Windows account.

Click "Start," "Control Panel."

Select "Scanners and Cameras."

Right-click on the scanning icon for the scanner that contains the TWAIN driver. Click "Properties."

Click the "Login Setup" tab. Enter the template name and click "Apply."

Designate the "Scan Options" settings to meet requirements you need such as selecting the type of format files are saved in and color choices.

Enter the IP address or host name of the TWAIN driver and click "OK" or "Apply."