How to Configure RDP in Windows CE

By Eric Love

Configure RDP in Windows CE
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Remote Desktop Protocol, or RDP, is a Windows protocol used for remotely controlling Windows systems over a network. You can use RDP to establish a connection to another computer and directly view and interact with the computer's desktop. By using RDP on your Windows Mobile device, you can connect to your Windows server or desktop from anywhere you have network access. Windows CE users have preinstalled copies of Remote Desktop Mobile that can connect remotely to other Windows computers.

Prepare your desktop or server for connections. Click the "Start" menu, right-click "My Computer" and then click "Properties."

Click "Remote," then place a mark in the check box labeled "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" and then click "OK."

Take your Windows Mobile device and open "Start" > "Applications" > "Remote Desktop Mobile."

Enter the network name of your computer as well as your username and password where prompted on the Remote Desktop Mobile screen, and then click "Connect."

Supply your username and password when prompted and click "OK." You can now use your computer through your Windows Mobile device.