How to Configure Programmable Hotkeys on a Logitech Keyboard

By Andrew Todd

Logitech offers many models of keyboards, each with different hotkey configurations.
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Logitech manufactures many aftermarket input and output devices, such as mice, keyboards and webcams, for computers. The keyboards and mice typically offer features not typically found on the devices that come included with computers. For example, some Logitech keyboards feature wireless connectivity and programmable hotkeys that users can set to launch frequently used programs and websites. Although keyboards work the moment you attach them to a computer, before you can access advanced features such as the hotkey configuration on a Logitech keyboard, you must install the keyboard's drivers.

Connect the keyboard to the computer using the USB connection or the PS/2 connection. If the keyboard is wireless, connect the wireless adapter to the USB port using the USB cable, then follow the model-specific instructions to connect the keyboard.

Insert the software disc included with the keyboard into the CD drive. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the keyboard drivers and Logitech SetPoint or Control Center software. If you do not have the disc that came with the computer, visit Logitech's website (link in Resources) to download the drivers specific to your keyboard model.

Open the Logitech SetPoint software or the Logitech Control Center, depending on your model of keyboard. To access the software, open the Start Menu and click "All Programs." Select the "Logitech" folder and then click on the software to open. Alternatively, the software may be accessed through the "Keyboard" settings, located in the Control Panel.

Choose your keyboard from the drop-down menu of the software.

Select the hotkey you want to set or change from the center window of the software.

Place a check mark beside the task that you would like to assign to the hotkey. Click "Apply" to save your changes and then click "OK" to close the window.