How to Configure MSN to Work With Mac Mail (7 Steps)

By Joshua Mcgee

Windows and Apple have long been incompatible competitors; therefore, it may be a surprise to learn that you can configure Windows MSN email accounts, including WIndows Live or Hotmail accounts, to work in Mail, Apple's mail client for Mac OS X. Many of these email accounts use an HTTP protocol, which is not an option in Mail; however, by setting the server to a POP3 server, you can set Mail to access your email from MSN.

Automatic Setup

Step 1

Open Mail and select "Preferences from the "Mail" menu.

Step 2

Click "Accounts" and click on the plus sign under "Accounts" to begin adding a new account to Mail.

Step 3

Type your MSN email in the "Email Address" text box and your password in the "Password" text box.

Click "Create" and Mail will attempt to automatically apply the necessary settings for your MSN account. Click "Create" on the "Account Summary" page to finish creating your MSN account in Mail.

Enter the Information Manually.

Step 1

Enter the information for incoming mail. If Mail is unable to locate your MSN account, Mail will give you some dialog boxes to enter the information manually. On the "Incoming Mail Server" page, select "Pop" from the "Account Type" drop-down menu. Type "" in the "Incoming Mail Server" box. Enter your MSN email address in the "User Name" box and enter your password, then click "Continue."

Step 2

Enter the information for outgoing mail. Select "" from the "Outgoing Mail Server." Enter a password under "Use Authentication," then click "Continue."

Click "Create" on the "Account Summary" page.