How to Configure the Microsoft Mouse 1054

By Chris Miksen

Configure the Microsoft Mouse 1054
i Push/Photodisc/Getty Images

The Microsoft Mouse model 1054 is the Microsoft Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 product. The mouse offers high definition laser technology, allowing for more precise control. It comes with several different features, including wireless capability, a magnifier, 4-wheel scrolling, and customizable buttons. Configuring the 1054 model requires you to install the IntelliType software first, which is the software the powers the many features of the mouse.

Insert the IntelliType software CD into your CD or DVD drive. Follow the onscreen instructions, such as confirming you wish to install the software and where on your computer to install it. Restart your computer if necessary.

Connect the wireless mouse transceiver into an available USB port on your computer. The Microsoft laser mouse will begin working.

Click the Windows "Start" menu. Click "All Programs." Click "Microsoft Mouse." A screen will appear with several different options to customize your mouse. Click on each option to configure and customize your mouse. For example, click the down arrow next to "Button 4" to customize action clicking that button will take, such as accessing media or the Internet. The button layout is shown on the screen. You can also change the speed of the mouse pointer.