How to Configure a Logitech Controller for Project N64

By Stephen Lilley

Configure a Logitech Controller for Project N64
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Project N64 is a computer program that lets you play Nintendo 64 games on your computer through a technology called "emulation." The program acts as the console, while the games play via files called "roms." Project N64 allows you to use either your keyboard to control these games, or USB joypads that resemble console game controllers like the models made by Logitech.

Connect your Logitech controller to a USB port on your computer.

Open the Project N64 software using its shortcut on your computer's main desktop screen.

Click "Options."

Click "Configure Input."

Select the name of your Logitech controller from the drop-down menu in the "Configure Input" window. Click the name of a button in the window using your mouse, and then press the corresponding button on your Logitech controller. This will map that specific action to that button on the controller. Repeat this process for the rest of the buttons in the "Configure Input" window and click "OK." You can now use your Logitech controller for games played in Project N64.