How to Configure a Linksys Wireless Repeater

By Ruri Ranbe

Configure a wireless repeater to boost your Wi-Fi signal coverage area.
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A repeater, also called a range extender, or just an extender, strengths the wireless signal transmitted from a router. Linksys wireless repeaters don't need to be connected to the Linksys router via an Ethernet cable; so long as the device is within range of the router's signal, it will broadcast the signal to a broader area, enabling more devices to detect and connect to the network. To configure a Linksys wireless repeater, you must know a number of details about your wireless network.

Step 1

Connect to the wireless network. Enter the URL "" -- without quotes -- into the address bar of a Web browser. Press "Enter," type "admin" into the Password field, and click "OK."

Step 2

Click "Wireless," and then "Basic Settings." Write down the name of the network (sometimes referred to as the service set identifier). Also write down the channel on which the wireless router is operating, and its network mode.

Step 3

Click "Wireless Security" and then write down the security mode, encryption method, and pre-shared key.

Step 4

Connect a computer to the Linksys repeater via an Ethernet cable. Click "Start | Control Panel | Network and Internet | Network and Sharing Center."

Step 5

Choose "Change Adapter Settings" from the menu on the left and then double-click "Local Area Connection."

Step 6

Double-click "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)." Select "Use the Following IP Address."

Step 7

Enter "" into Subnet Mask and "" into Default Gateway.

Step 8

Enter "192.168.1." into IP Address. Replace "" with any number from 2 through 239. Click "OK."

Step 9

Navigate to the default gateway from a Web browser. Enter "admin" into Password and then click "OK."

Step 10

Go to "Setup," and then "Basic Setup." Configure the Mode, SSID, and Channel fields so that the values match those of the network.

Step 11

Enter "" into Subnet Mask and "" into Default Gateway. Click "Save Settings."

Step 12

Click "Edit Security Settings." Choose "WPA Pre-Shared Key" or "WEP" from the Security Mode drop-down menu.

Step 13

Select the encryption method and enter the network key into the appropriate field, matching the values to those of the wireless router.

Step 14

Click "Save Settings" to finish setting up the Linksys wireless repeater.